Specialized in halaal tourism

About us

We are a Destination Management Company focused on providing Muslim travellers from around the world with a holistic experience of South Spain, centering our itineraries and experiences on the fascinating legacy of Islamic Spain, the great civilization of Al Andalus, its history, art and culture. We are born from the realization of the restrains for Muslims travellers who wish to visit Spain or Andalucía in the south, Al Andalus, a reminiscence of a glorious time in Islamic history that should be known and visited as a reminder of the success and splendor of Islam.

Hosting and taking care of travellers is a natural inclination from the courtesy of all Muslims towards their fellow brothers hence our initiative as Spanish Muslims to host and accompany Muslim Travellers visiting our beautiful homeland, Andalusia in Spain, Al Andalus.

We’ve looked at our tours as if we were the ones visiting Andalucía, what would we like to visit, where to eat and where to stay as Muslims, so we assure in as much as it is possible a Halaal environment.

Our travel experts are well prepared local young Muslim men who will assure that the travel experience to Andalucía (Al Andalus) meets our visitors’ expectations by providing a Halaal,amicable and professional environment throughout the journey. Furthermore they are acquainted with a specialized knowledge of Andalucía and Al Andalus, their homeland, conferring a unique perspective to the travelling experience.

Our tours are a relaxed, dynamic and alive experience of Al Andalus (Andalucía). Our knowledge and networking with the local community allows us to provide much more than just a touristic journey, having a wide array of services and possibilities, workshops, musical spectacles, business networking, congress and business meeting organisation, educational programs and cultural and learning experiences.