Quality, commitment and professionalism

VIP services

VIP Al Andalus commitment is to provide a quality, professional and discreet service to our VIP guests.  We work on a continual basis with prominent guests and VIP delegations, heads of states, Sultans and Ministers from all over the Muslim world. For both official and unofficial visits. Tailoring to detail their visits to Spain. We have an special team of local Spanish Muslim bodyguards, specialised guides and organisers to cater for our high profile guests.

We had the honor and pleasure to organise the visit for the Chief Minister of Sarawak, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and a delegation from the upper house of the Malaysian Senate among others.

From your arrival at the airport we run and organise all matters concerning your stay with us, accommodation, private MVP`s, security, Halaal meals and extra activities such as Golf, Sailing, Polo and cultural spectacles and visits.

We work closely with most embassies of the Muslim world in Spain, hence assuring the quality of our services and the capacity to finely bespoke your visits, meeting all the needs and requests of our VIP guests. We work closely with the Foundation of the Mosque of Granada, a world wide recognise institution. Rest assure that the quality, commitment and professionalism provided will be the best.

  • Pure luxury hotel room

  • Halal  food

  • VIP private jet chauffeur service

  • Hotel room

  • Dinner Malaysia Prime Minister

  • Golf experience